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We are humbled and honored to report that dozens of people throughout the state of Louisiana are already enrolled in the very popular iPrep Workshop Series!  

The iPrep Workshop Series and iNotebook continue to transform notary preparatory education for people all across the state of Louisiana.  The first workshop in this semester's series begins Saturday, April 30th.  Everything is online, and workshops are both live AND recorded.

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Wow--Look at what our students are saying!

"I cannot thank you enough for 'the magic' you provided in your course/workshops...You are a true example of a phenomenal mentor and teacher." 

-Stacey G., PASSED the Louisiana notary exam


"I learned more in that four hour session [in the iPrep Workshop Series] than in my previous notary class. By far, the best notary class I have taken. Shane puts legal terms into plain English and makes the class fun. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to take the notary test."

-Tracy B., PASSED the Louisiana notary exam


"I loved the distance learning format. I learned more in that 4 hour workshop than in 33 hours from my previous notary class. Thank you!"  

-Lisa S., PASSED the Louisiana notary exam

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