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iCourse Fall 2014 has begun!  

iNotaryNow.com:  Louisiana Notary Public Courses and Education:

~The flag of the great state of Louisiana~


We are humbled and honored to once again announce that we have record enrollment for first time notary students this semester.  People from all across the state of Louisiana continue to choose iNotaryNow as their notary educational partner.  Since the semester is underway with record breaking enrollment, iCourse enrollment for Fall 2014 is now closed.

We will again have the iPrep Workshop Series this fall.  This incredibly popular two-part workshop series focuses on the Scenario Writing and Scenario Critical Knowledge portions of the exam.  During the two workshops, we address 

1) Conveyances and Mortgages (Workshop I)

2) Testaments, Trusts, and Successions (Workshop II)

Click here for details!

~Look at what our iPrep Workshop students are saying~

"I learned more in that four hour session than in my previous notary class.  By far, the best notary class I have taken. Shane puts legal terms into plain English and makes the class fun.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to take the notary test."

-Tracy B.


"After 15-20 minutes into this workshop, I wish I would have found you 3 months ago before enrolling in my current class."


-.Johnna C. 



"I loved the distance learning format.  I learned more in that 4 hour workshop than in 33 hours from my previous notary class.  Thank you!"  

-Lisa S.

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      Prepare.  Pass.  Now. 


A Registered and Bonded Notary Education Provider

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