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The iPrep Workshop Series and iNotebook 

Students call our techniques "the magic" that gave them the insight, strategies, and necessary concepts as they prepared, and ultimately passed, Louisiana notary exam as noted in our testimonial section.

The incredibly popular workshops in the iPrep Workshop Series, in tandem with iNotebook, our extensive preparatory e-book, help give students the proven tools, insights, and proven strategies that have transformed Louisiana notary test prep.  We are honored and humbled to have served so many students throughout the years.  

  • All Workshops are LIVE, ONLINE, and delivered using the iNotaryNow 5 I's approach:  No driving, no gas costs, no wasted time.

  • All Each workshop session is RECORDED so you can review the material as the exam approaches.

  • We are offering special pricing for the workshops and for the iPrep Workshop Series/iNotebook preparatory package.

Look at what those who attended the iPrep Workshop Series are saying!

"I took the Scenario iPrep Workshop which turned out to be a great decision. Your passion for teaching and depth of knowledge is amazing! I would recommend taking your class!"

- Lisa S., PASSED the Louisiana notary exam


"I learned more in [those sessions] than in my previous notary class.  By far, the best notary class I have taken. Shane puts legal terms into plain English and makes the class fun.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to take the notary test."

-Tracy B., PASSED the Louisiana notary exam.


"I couldn't have gotten this result without your workshops."

-Andy L., PASSED the Louisiana notary exam

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